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General information for extra earners

Liebr is a mobile app that helps you earn extra income. You can view all jobs in your area, apply for jobs and digitally sign your contracts. And that even from your seat, in your pajamas, handy right?

Mail us which document you need and we will follow up on your request as soon as possible. You can send an email to .

Liebr is a virtual office where everything is mobile. In addition to your smartphone, you can also use your tablet to find a suitable job. Do you have any questions? Be sure to let us know at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

During your employment, Liebr NV is the legal employer and the company where you work is your actual employer. This means that Liebr is responsible for the correct payment of your wages and the associated administration, medical papers, … We are happy to help you so that you are in order with everything! Contact us at .

Working as a flexi-jobber

If you want to perform a flexi-job, you must have worked at least 4/5ths for another employer in the third quarter of the current quarter. An example: you can work in April, May and June 2023 if you worked at least 4/5ths in July, August and September 2022. Not sure if you can do a flexi job? You can check this yourself by registering at or by calling the National Social Security Office (RSZ).

If you indicate that you can work as a flex worker, but do not meet the conditions, we will be notified when the contract is drawn up. Our success team will then contact you and we will draw up the contract as a regular additional income. You do pay taxes on that and your net salary will therefore be somewhat lower than expected. 

If you do (again) meet the conditions for working as a flexible worker, it is important to immediately adjust this in the app to be able to work economically. If you have not yet adjusted your status and have signed a contract as a regular extra earner, but you can actually work as a flexi, you must inform us before the start of the contract so that we can adjust this. 

The minimum wage is set by law at €10.97. As a flexi you also receive flexi holiday pay, which amounts to 7.67%. The minimum hourly wage is therefore now € 11.81 (including holiday pay). You do not pay taxes on this wage, so your gross wage is your net wage!

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Flexi jobs are exclusively for salaried employees.
Since 2018, pensioners are also allowed to work flexi! As a pensioner, you can earn unlimited additional income from the year in which you reach the age of 65. But even if you can prove a career of 45 years at the start of your retirement pension, you may earn an unlimited amount of extra income. In some cases, income limits do apply to pensioners. Read all about it in this blog !
Yes! Maternity rest is counted as a period worked in order to meet all the conditions for a flexi-job. An example: if you want to get started with a flexi job in January, February and March 2023, you must have worked at least 4/5ths in the period April, May and June 2022. If you were on maternity leave during that period, this will also be counted as employment.

No, you have to check that yourself every quarter and adjust it manually if necessary. If you meet the conditions, you must tick this status yourself in the app. At the same time, you should definitely uncheck this if you are no longer eligible for a flexi job. Read in this blog what the conditions are to perform a flexi-job. 

Flexi-jobs are intended for people who already have a job and want to do extra jobs in the hospitality, retail, sports sector, care sector, at a cinema or in the entertainment sector (entertainment company). A complete overview of the sectors in which you can work can be found here . Someone who has at least a 4/5th contract with another employer can earn unlimited additional income with a flexi-job. You receive a net salary for this, on which no taxes or social security are paid. There is no restriction on the number of hours that someone can work as a flexi-worker.

Yes, that’s possible! The contracts of Liebr are not drawn up by Accent. You must have worked at Accent or another employer for at least 4/5ths in the third quarter before the current quarter.

Yes, that is perfectly possible. There used to be a difference between contractual and permanent teachers. Teachers with a contract status were officially considered unemployed during the summer months (even though they do receive compensation for this), so they were not eligible for a flexi job 2 quarters later. However, this difference was eliminated in 2018. Since then, both contractual and permanent teachers can work flexi-jobs all year round.


That is not a problem, at least if it is not about the same employer. You cannot give notice and at the same time have a flexi-job with the same employer. If it concerns another employer, there is no problem and you can get started perfectly with a flexi job.


Profile for extra income

In  this blog post we would like to give you some tips on how to optimize your profile and land that desired job

If your profile is awaiting validation, please send an email to . We will sort it out for you as soon as possible.

When you show interest in a job, the company can immediately send you a contract proposal. That is why it is important that we have your correct identity information in advance in order to draw up your digital contract without errors. Do you get the error that the files are too large? Then you can always email them to and we will complete your profile here. 

Via your settings you can indicate under availability whether or not you are currently available to work. If you are unable to work for a few weeks (due to vacation, illness, etc.), simply place yourself on ‘unavailable’. You will also not receive any open jobs. If you want to return to work later, simply put yourself back on ‘available’. Check this video for more explanation!

Simply via the code that you receive via SMS. You enter the code on the app and you’re off! Did you not receive a code or are you unable to enter it? Send an email to and we will help you!

At Liebr, reliability is very important to us. If you do not show up several times as an extra income or cancel without a valid reason, we will place your profile on inactive.

You can change your profile via the ‘settings’ button at the top right of the app. Please note that if your details change, they must first be validated by the Liebr team before you can apply again. Do you want to reapply immediately? Send an email to and we will revalidate your profile. 

You can check the number of remaining hours as a student on the Student at work website .

We know that privacy is important to you, it is to us too. We protect your data and you can be sure that it is not visible to anyone. Be sure to read our privacy policy here .

A photo makes it a lot more personal. Employers like to see who they will employ. For example, with a profile picture you have an 86% higher chance of earning extra income, say cheese!

You will receive an email containing the link to validate your email address. Can’t find the email right away? Be sure to check your junk mail. Drop us a line at and we’ll validate it for you.

Would you like to delete your profile? That’s a shame, we’re going to miss you! You can delete your profile via your settings, there you will see a button with “forget me”.


Through Liebr you are insured for physical damage during your work, as well as to and from work. Via the workstation sheet (linked to your position) in the app you can find out for which actions you are effectively insured. 

Any accident, no matter how small, must be reported immediately to Liebr. It is also important to ask for the names of any witnesses to avoid any doubt. What is considered an accident at work?

  • An accident on the way home to work
  • An accident at your workplace
  • An accident on the way home from work.
    Had an accident at work? Then you must send us some documents within two working days. You can find these documents here. Fill it in and then send it signed to us at .

Contract as additional income

When you have shown interest in a vacancy, the employer will be notified. As soon as the employer has made the choice, you will in turn receive a notification whether or not you have been selected for the job. Some employers are very quick in selecting the suitable extra income, other employers prefer to take their time.
If you have accepted a contract proposal in the application, we will draw up your contract here. You are therefore expected to start working from that moment on. In addition, you will also receive a reminder via SMS and notifications in the app when your job is about to start. You will also see this job in your schedule in the app, where you will also find more information about the hours and the location where you are expected.

Notify both the company and Liebr of your illness as soon as possible. In addition, you are legally obliged to forward your sick note within 48 hours. This can be done via email to .

An accident on the way home to work
An accident at your workplace
An accident on the way home from work.
Had an accident at work? Then you must send us some documents within two working days. You can find these documents here. Fill it in and then send it signed to us at .


As a temporary worker you are entitled to an end-of-year bonus. However, this is subject to a number of conditions: in order to be entitled to an end-of-year bonus in the current year, you must have been employed as a temporary employee for at least 65 social security days within the reference period from 1 July last year to 30 June of this year. This year-end bonus is paid by the Social Fund for Temporary Agency Workers. You can reach this agency on 02/203.60.95. The premium is paid in December.
Whether you are entitled to holiday pay depends on your status. For example, as a student you do not receive holiday pay. As a flexi, your holiday pay is immediately paid out with your wages, which is 7.67%.
Your pay slip is always sent by email at the latest on the Thursday, the week after the contract.

If you work on a public holiday, you are indeed entitled to this and it will also be paid correctly together with the rest of your wages. The correct amount, including public holiday, is shown in the app.

Notify both the company and Liebr of your illness as soon as possible. In addition, you are legally obliged to forward your sick note within 48 hours. This can be done via email to .

An accident on the way home to work
An accident at your workplace
An accident on the way home from work.
Had an accident at work? Then you must send us some documents within two working days. You can find these documents here. Fill it in and then send it signed to us at .

We motivate all employers to report performance on a daily basis, so that you are paid the following working day. Some employers need a little more time, which means that the payment will only be made on Thursday the following week. If this is the case, this will also be shown in the application with the customer’s info.
Your tax form will be emailed at the beginning of the year.

You receive two pay slips because the previous week you worked fell in a different month than the other part of that week. Your wages will therefore be paid in two instalments.

Reviews for extra income

It is not possible to change or delete a review afterwards. That is why it is important that you assess the shift as accurately and objectively as possible. Do you believe that a review is inappropriate? Then you can contact us at
After a shift has ended you can immediately write a review. You will receive a notification of this. Once your employer has confirmed your hours, you will no longer be able to write a review.
When you cancel a contract due to illness, you must send your doctor’s note to . If we receive a valid doctor’s note, we can adjust your absence in the app.

All the reviews you can see on Liebr were given by employers. The reviews are therefore based on employment through Liebr or on previous employment with external employers. The Liebr team has no influence on the reviews given, but monitors to avoid inappropriate comments.

It is not possible to change a review. That is why it is also important that you assess the shift as accurately and objectively as possible.
At Liebr we strive to optimize the app so that user-friendliness improves continuously. We would therefore like to hear what you thought was fantastic and what you think could be improved. Do you have a question or do you want to report an error in the app? Then be sure to contact us at .


You can always contact us at .


It is important to regularly check your status in the app. When something changes in your situation – such as stopping your studies, no longer meeting or (again) meeting the conditions of the flexi-statute – you have to adjust this manually in our app.
If you do not indicate anything, you automatically work under the status of regular additional earner and you pay taxes on your wages. It is therefore important that you indicate the correct status in the app: regular additional income earner, student or flexi-jobber. If your status is not correct, we cannot draw up correct contracts for you.
No. After you have performed a student job via our app, the number of hours worked is automatically deducted thanks to our link with Student@Work. So you no longer have to adjust this yourself. Even if you do a student job that is not done through Liebr , the number of hours will be deducted from your total.
If you stop studying during the year without obtaining a diploma, you can no longer work as a student and you must immediately tick off the ‘Student’ status in the app. After that you can still work through Liebr but under the status of regular additional income.
When you open the app, you will see an icon with a man at the top right. That is your personal account. Click on it, then go to ‘Personal information’ and click on ‘Statute’. You can indicate whether you are a student or want to work under the flexi status. To switch, you first uncheck the active status and you can choose the other status.
When you create a new account, you must enter in the app itself how many hours you are still allowed to work as a student. You do this in the app at ‘Personal information’>’Statute’. You can check how many hours you have left via the link in the app via Student@work. Each student is allowed to work 600 hours per year at an advantageous rate.

As a student you can work 600 hours per year at a favorable rate. When those hours are up, you don’t have to check off the status of ‘Student’ in the app! Simply enter ‘0’ in ‘Remaining hours’. You can then still work via Liebr, but you automatically fall under the status of ‘working student’ . When a new year begins, you automatically receive another 600 hours. This is automatically updated in the app thanks to our link with Student@Work.

If you graduated in June, you can still work as a  student until the end of September (provided you still have enough hours left and you do not immediately start a permanent job or become self-employed). If you know at the end of September that you will no longer be studying, you still have to manually tick off the Student Charter in the app.