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General information for companies

Liebr lets you post jobs 24/7 wherever you are. You will find an extra income in no time and you will be provided with a digital contract. Just like that! In addition, you can also enroll your own students and flexis at an affordable rate. This way you not only manage your own pool via the platform, but you can also find new employees. We take over all the paperwork from you, so you can fully focus on your business!
Good news, as an employer you can also use the Liebr web portal. How do you do that? Click on “login” at the top right and sign in with your email address and password.

Profile for companies

Creating a profile is actually very easy. You download the app or register on the website and can indicate there that you are an employer looking for extra income. You will be contacted within 24 hours by one of our sales employees to complete your registration and then you can start posting vacancies.
A photo makes it a lot more personal. Additional earners want to see who they are employed by.

You will receive an email containing the link to validate your email address. Is  something going wrong and you still don’t receive an email? Call 09 398 68 90 or email and we will help you immediately!

Feel free to call 09 398 68 90 and we will give priority to your profile.
As soon as you hire 1 employee, you are indeed legally obliged to join an external service for prevention and protection at work. Even if you only have 1 employee who only comes to work once a week, you are obliged to join. If you are not connected, you risk a hefty fine upon inspection. The external service for prevention and protection advises you in drawing up a prevention and well-being policy and helps you to comply with the legal obligations towards your employees.
You can change your profile via the ‘settings’ button at the top right of the app. Please note that if your details change, they must first be validated by the Liebr team before you can post vacancies again. Have you changed your details? Feel free to give us a call on 09 398 68 90 and we will validate your profile immediately.
Simply via the code that you receive via SMS. You enter the code on the app and you’re off! Is something going wrong and you still don’t receive a code? Call 09 398 68 90 and we will help you immediately!
In this case, you create a profile for each VAT number and you can post vacancies on each profile. This way you can be sure that the contract is linked to the correct VAT number. Good news: via the web portal it is possible to link the different profiles. This way you can easily manage the different profiles. Do you need some help for this? Call us on 09 398 68 90 and we will be happy to help you!
When your Liebr profile is in order, you can post vacancies whenever you want. Are you currently no longer looking for new extra income? Then you don’t have to post vacancies. The moment you want to hire someone again, you launch a vacancy again. In addition, you can also use the app or the web portal to register your own staff.

Contract for employers

Once the extra earner has accepted the contract proposal, you as an employer no longer need to put things right. We take care of the dimona declaration, the drawing up of the contract, the insurance, the payment, etc.
If you want to cancel a contract for one reason or another, you can request this via the planning in the app. By clicking on the name of the extra earner and then on ‘edit’, you will be given the option to cancel it. In the event of cancellation, you as an employer must give a reason and the additional earner must also agree to this.

After the shift you can confirm the hours worked by your extra income. You can do this via the to do button on the home screen of your app or by going to ‘planning’ where you can click on the ‘give feedback’ button.

The sooner you confirm the hours, the sooner the extra income will be paid. Do you pass on the hours before 1 pm the following working day? Then your extra income will be paid that day. If you wait longer, your extra income will receive the wages on the Thursday of the week after the shift.

You can change the hours of a contract in the app. At the “planning” tab you have the option to change the original hours of the contract. Once you have changed it, the extra earner will receive a new contract proposal in the app that he/she can then agree to. Do you want to change the date of the contract? Then you can cancel the contract on the wrong date and draw up a new contract on a different day.
After you send someone a contract proposal, that person gets the chance to respond. If the contract proposal is accepted, you will receive a notification and your vacancy will therefore be filled. As a result, the contract is immediately in order! You can also always see in the planning which additional income is scheduled.

Working with flexi-jobbers

Thanks to the flexi status, people with a permanent  job can earn extra money. It is beneficial for both parties, because employees are allowed unlimited and tax-free flexi-jobs and as an employer you pay lower employer contributions of 25%. Moreover, there is no maximum on the number of hours that you can use a flexi. In this blog you can read more about the benefits of having a flexi-jobber in your business and you will also find an overview of the joint committees in which flexi-jobbers are allowed to work.

A flexi-job comes with a flexi-wage. This is agreed between the flexi-jobber and the employer. You do have to take into account the minimum wage that has been set for flexi-jobbers. The salary scale is currently € 10.97 per hour, plus 7.67% holiday allowance. This brings the total minimum wage of a flexi to € 11.81 per hour.

The full flexi-wage is exempt from social security contributions and taxes for the extra earner. As an employer, you only pay a special employer’s contribution of 25%. When calculating the wages, it must also be taken into account that there are still sectoral allowances for Sundays, public holidays (€ 2/h with a maximum of € 12/day) and night work (€ 1.22/h, also taxed at 25%).

Review for companies

You cannot delete a review yourself. Is it an inappropriate review? In this case, please contact Liebr.
After a shift has ended, you can immediately write a review about the extra income. You will receive a notification from the bottom of the home screen and will be able to click on it. Did you forget to write a review and do you no longer have a notification with the to do’s? Then you can find it in settings to give a review later.
Liebr strives to pay out every additional earner as quickly as possible. Because writing a review goes hand in hand with confirming the hours, there is a time limit. You have 12 hours per shift to confirm the hours and write a review. We therefore recommend that you do this immediately after the end of the shift. Did you forget to write a review or were the hours automatically confirmed and you no longer have a notification with the to do’s? Then you can find it in settings to give a review later.
At Liebr we strive to optimize the app so that user-friendliness improves continuously. We would therefore like to hear what you thought was fantastic and what you think could be improved. Do you have a question or do you want to report an error in the app? Then be sure to contact us at
After each shift via Liebr, both additional earners and employers will be asked to write a review. The reviews are therefore based on employment via NOWJOBS. Is an extra income new to the app and does he or she not have any reviews yet? Then an external party from a previous employment can also be asked to provide a review. The Liebr team has no influence on the reviews given, but monitors to avoid inappropriate comments.
It is not possible to change a review. That is why it is also important that you assess the shift as accurately and objectively as possible.
If an extra income has not shown up, you cannot write a review. The extra earner will receive a ‘strike’ for the unauthorized absence. With two strikes, his or her profile will be automatically blocked so that this extra earner can no longer apply. In this way we try to guarantee the reliability of our extra income to employers.


Via the tab ‘favorites’ you can click on ‘invite’ at the top right. There you have the choice to have your extra income scan the QR code or you can invite the extra income via SMS/Whatsapp/Facebook or email by clicking on ‘invite team’.
Do you want to give an extra earner a higher wage? You can do this perfectly via the ‘favorites’ tab. Search in your favorites for the extra earner whose wages you wish to adjust, then select ‘preferences’ and click on ‘determine hourly wage’. When you have clicked save at the bottom, the adjusted wage will be adjusted for newly planned contracts.
If you want to post a vacancy but only want to invite your own favourites, you can indicate this in the last step. You have the choice between ‘invite all available candidates’ or ‘choose from your favourites’. When you send the vacancy to your favorites, they will receive a notification and they can in turn show interest when they are available to come and work. This way you can easily use the app as a communication tool and find out quickly whether someone from your favorites can fill an open shift.


Registering as an employer on Liebr and posting a vacancy costs you absolutely nothing! The wage costs will be shown transparently for every interested candidate. So you can make the choice yourself based on competencies and cost. You only pay if someone has actually worked. The cost price of a candidate depends on the status (student/flexi/regular extra income) and the age and/or experience of the candidate.
Of course! You only pay if someone has actually worked.
The invoice is always drawn up on the Wednesday after the performance and will be received on Wednesday evening. You can also find the invoices in the app under Settings > Company.
If you have any questions about invoices, you can contact us by email to or by telephone on 09 398 68 90 .
Payment is made by direct debit. After creating a company profile on Liebr you will be contacted by a sales representative to complete your registration. The direct debit will also be started together with you at that time. You will then receive an email to approve and sign this direct debit.
In the app you can transparently consult the price per candidate. It also always shows how much you pay in wages, travel allowance, dimona, etc. Due to rounding in the app, the sum on the invoice may differ slightly from the total shown. If the extra earner performs more hours than expected, the price will logically be slightly higher. If a side-income stops earlier, the bill will of course be lower.
When working on a public holiday, it is legally required to pay the extra earners twice.

Job offer

Through Liebr we support many different joint committees and functions. When you add your joint committee in the app, you will be able to select functions that belong to your sector. Do you want to register your extra income for another position? Be sure to let us know on 09 398 68 90 or email and we’ll see what we can do!
Immediately! When you post the vacancy, it will be forwarded directly to the available extra earners, just like that! They in turn can then immediately indicate whether they are interested.
You will be able to view the profile of each interested candidate, check the reviews of other employers and see the total cost of the shift. If ok, send you a contract proposal!
As soon as you have posted a vacancy, the app remembers this information for the next time. You can find this vacancy under ‘Existing vacancies’. If you are looking for the same profile at a later time, you can copy the description and details from a previous vacancy and adjust the date.
Have you posted a vacancy for which you get little or no intake? Be sure to contact us at so that we can support you further by sending an extra push via our social media or notifications.
We currently support joint committees 100 –121 – 118.03 – 118.09 – 119 – 119.03 – 140.035 – 200 – 201 – 202.001 – 202.010 – 226 – 302 – 304 – 306 – 311 – 314 – 333 – 337. Do you write your extra income would you like to go under another joint committee? Then let us know at and we’ll see what we can do for you!