We are aware of the responsibilities that professional employership entails. That is why Liebr has chosen a professional back office. One Payroll Professional Back Office with all its legal entities is registered with the SNA (Stichting Normering Arbeid) , NEN 4400-1 certified and member of the ABU (General Association of Temporary Employment Companies) .

This registration and certification guarantee for your clients and candidates that One Payroll meets its financial, fiscal and administrative obligations. We offer optimal security for everyone in the chain of employership so that salaries, payments and taxes are paid.

NEN 4400-1 certified
SNA registered
ABU Member
VCU certified
SKA Meat certified
WKA statement
Security by NEN4400-1

A company that makes manpower available and certifies itself to NEN 4400-1 distinguishes itself from rogue companies. NEN 4400-1 certified companies are designed to meet labor obligations. This gives you as a client the certainty that you run the least possible financial risk and are exempt from hirer's liability.

Certification and membership:


 ABU Certificate 2017

 Kenteq Certificate

 VCU Certificate

 KIWA Register


Register Normering Arbeid

ABU Members Register

IND Recognized referees